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Inspiring Transformations: Real Stories from Our Clients

Explore the inspiring journeys of coaches and rehab professionals who've achieved breakthrough success with Engage Movement's Performance Provider Growth Model™

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Dr. Tyler Kallasy PT, DPT, CSCS, PPSC

"It's hindsight... but if I had known, my business would be taking home $14,000 in one month, now, if I would've known that last year... I would've started immediately and put it on a credit card or adjusted my lifestyle... If you're on the edge... just get started."

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Dr. Kate Dowd, PT

"Working with Engage Movement has been transformative. From feeling overwhelmed to developing organized processes, I've not only grown my business but also achieved a better work-life balance. Their model empowered me to focus on what I love while effectively managing my business and serving my clients."

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"The Retain program with Engage Movement has truly transformed my practice. It's streamlined my approach, enhanced efficiency, and differentiated my clinic. This course is a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their practice and provide exceptional client experiences."

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We Asked Our Clients What Changed with the Performance Provider Growth  Model™?


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"The most eye opening part for me so far was the ability to have a competitive rate ($200/hr) and know that I still have potential to increase in the future. Having someone tell you "you can" in the beginning is very helpful. Although I was initially hesitant, creating the correct pricing structure (along with having a virtual presence) has allowed me to reach my first $12k month in only my 2nd full month of business." 

- Dr. Nicole Torres, DPT & Owner of The Resilient Athlete

"A unique portion of this experience is that its truly an individual coaching and mentorship. A lot of times people sell you their way as the right way, and make attempts to sort of 'convert' you to their own methodology, convincing you that you've not been doing enough or that something you're currently doing is wrong - it's a terrible cycle that perpetuates things like self-doubt and imposter syndrome. In every one of our calls, Dr. Ray has ACTUALLY coached me. Listening carefully to what I'm going through and then guiding and mentoring me on the right questions to ask myself, so that I'm found with answers that truly address the issue at hand."

- Jared Miller, CPT, CFL2, Remote Strength Coach

"Ray wants you to succeed in business but he also wants you to succeed in your personal life and that is what sets him apart. I cannot recommend working with Ray enough!"

- Kristine Andali, Health & Nutrition Coach & Owner of KA Nutrition

"After working together, Ray has given me a new found passion and drive to see my business succeed I would absolutely recommend any performance provider that feels they're in need of some guidance or help with their business, to work with Ray... You won't regret it!!"

- Ethan McKay, Weightlifting & Mobility Coach

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