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Are You A Coach Or Rehab Professional Who Is Tired of Trading Time for Money?

Too often our clients are being given solutions that don't meet their true needs and are forced to invest lengthy time commitments to get their desired outcome. What if all they needed was a model of blended management that actually got them results instead of unnecessary lengthy in-person sessions?

The Retention Programming  Model TM allows you to create a perfect solution for your client of in-person and digital management, getting both yours and then client's time back.

If you're a performance coach or rehab professional looking to implement a model of results-based management that doesn't tie you to your schedule or keep you trapped within your facility walls, we are the company to help you.

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Our Mission:

Engage Movement sets out to revitalize the coaching and performance physical therapy realm to implement a model of management where providers can keep clients active while navigating their injury and returning their clients to the performance they are capable of after injury without the constraints of solely relying on in-person sessions. By blending the client journey to include in-person sessions and digital programs and using a systemized approach we are bridging the gap between rehab and fitness so the two look the same.

Explore the missing link to complete outcomes while escaping clinical burnout and being able to deliver world-class outcomes resulting in lasting client relationships. Lead the Movement.

Create Repeatable Outcomes:

Writing custom digital programs can be time consuming without a system. We're not reinventing the wheel, but we are making your life easier as you manage multiple clients at different phases of their rehab journey all within just minutes per week from the provider.

No more need for unnecessary sessions, no more hour long visits of counting reps, no more selling outcomes that can only be resolved in-person. The future is here and you deserve to be a part of it.

Our proprietary system gives you the tools to create client buy-in and build your reputation of repeat clients and endless referrals because you will stand out compared to the competition.

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