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Discover how to scale your practice through advanced digital services, cash business growth, and improved sales acumen, without increasing your hours or sacrificing personal time to reach your targets.

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Are You a Rehab Professional Who is Tired of Trading Time for Money?

Too often our clients are being given solutions that don't meet their true needs and are forced to invest lengthy time commitments to get their desired outcome. What if all they needed was a model of blended management that actually got them results instead of unnecessary lengthy in-person sessions?

Discover the Retention Programming Model™

A pioneering approach that blends in-person and digital management to:

 Enhance Client Reach: Deliver impactful solutions without relying on constant physical appointments.

Boost Your Income: Leverage your expertise to serve more clients and diversify your income streams.

Improve Client Satisfaction: Deliver impactful, need-based solutions that resonate with your clients.


We asked our clients what changed with the Retention Programming Model™?


Reclaim Your Time and Elevate Your Earnings 

Join our complimentary training, "Let's Go Digital," and start your journey towards a more flexible, rewarding practice.

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A Program Built Exclusively For Rehab Professionals

Engage Movement helps you increase your revenue, reduce your hours, automate repetitive tasks and provide your clients with superior outcomes.

Achieve work-life balance while quadrupling your income.
Install a blended client management model that allows you to generate income independent of your schedule
Differentiate a Prescriptive Exercise Program from a fitness program so your  clients understand the value in your offer
Increase the average value of each client by 2x
Acquire the sales skills to position a digital offer at the appropriate time of the client journey
Break out of your comfort zone and into new possibilities


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It’s Time to Transform How You Work and Live

You're on the brink of a major breakthrough. Taking the next step is easy and pressure-free. Let’s unlock the future you’ve been dreaming of!

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Don't just take our word for it...

Dr. Nicole T.

“The most eye opening part for me so far was the ability to have a competitive rate ($200/hr) and know that I still have potential to increase in the future. Having someone tell you "you can" in the beginning is very helpful. Although I was initially hesitant, creating the correct pricing structure (along with having a virtual presence) has allowed me to reach my first $12k month in only my 2nd full month of business."

Ethan M.

 "After working together, Ray has given me a new found passion and drive to see my business succeed I would absolutely recommend any performance provider that feels they're in need of some guidance or help with their business, to work with Ray... You won't regret it!!"

Jared M.

"A unique portion of this experience is that its truly an individual coaching/mentorship... In every one of our calls, Dr. Ray has ACTUALLY coached me... listening and examining carefully what I'm going through and describing to him, and then from his experience, guiding and mentoring me on the right questions to ask myself, so that I'm found with answers that truly address the issue at hand."

Discover Dr. Kate Dowd's Inspiring Journey 

Witness the remarkable transformation of Dr. Kate Dowd's clinic in Lebanon, New Jersey, through her video testimonial. Embracing the Retention Programming Model, she now enjoys an income of over $17,000 per month while working under 20 hours weekly. Ready to see how she achieved this dream? Watch her story and envision the possibilities for your own practice.

This is different than any other program out there

This program is not just another professional course; it's a transformative, interactive 9-month program specifically crafted for rehab professionals and coaches. Offering a unique blend of group and one-on-one support, weekly practical calls, and an exclusive member community, our program is designed to revolutionize your practice. 

Strategies you can implement immediately

Our program equips you with actionable strategies to overcome common hurdles in rehab practice. Learn how to effectively generate new leads, justify your pricing, and differentiate from insurance-dependent practices. We tackle time constraints by maximizing your schedule efficiency, offer solutions for remote work, and guide you in boosting your income. 

Find out if our program is right for you

Begin with our free 12-minute training. Afterward, we'll have a quick strategy call to ensure our program aligns with your needs. We'll then create a detailed plan to guide you from your current state to your desired goals. If you want to check if our program fits your unique situation, feel free to contact us. We're ready to provide resources to kickstart your journey towards success.

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