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Are You A Coach Or Rehab Professional Who Is Ready To Return Your Clients To The Workouts They Love?

Too often our clients are being given the medical run-around. What if all they needed was actually right in front of them all along?

If you're a Coach looking to help your members STAY in your gym while they work through injury, we are the company to help you. 

If you're a performance based rehab professional looking to blend rehab and training so they look the same, our model can fit seamlessly into your practice. 

The Retention Programming Model TM makes it so the bridge can be built from either side. Let's meet in the middle. 

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Our Mission:

Engage Movement sets out to establish a culture of coaches and rehab professionals who truly understand how to keep clients active while navigating their injury and return their clients to the fitness activities they love after injury. By understanding the fitness journey and using a systemized approach we are bridging the gap between rehab and fitness so the two look the same. Become the resource your clients have been searching for to create a lasting relationship. Lead the Movement.

How To Return Clients To The Workouts They Love:

Every outcome needs a system. We use a process of combining: Available Ranges of Motion, Strength Testing, Endurance, Lifestyle Factors, Technique Assessment, and Understanding Mindset to build each client an "Attribute Profile". This establishes a common language, client centered objective goals, and a clear path back to the activities your client's love. 

Help the runner get back to running. The CrossFitter get back to CrossFit. The Powerlifter get back to Powerlifting. All while keeping them in the gym. 

The journey starts here.

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