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Learn to Build a Profitable, Cash-based Business

Transform your¬†business with our¬†Performance Provider Growth Model‚ĄĘ, expertly designed to transition you from limiting insurance-based models to scalable, high-profit service models, utilizing a blend of in-person and virtual services.

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Unlock Your Earning Potential

Are you tirelessly working but not seeing the financial growth or freedom you desire?¬†Our program is¬†strategically designed to shift your¬†business from the traditional, insurance-dependent model to a scalable, high-profit system, by employing the proven strategies of the Performance Provider Growth Model‚ĄĘ ‚Äď the same model that has helped clients achieve a 5X increase in revenue.


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Everything You Need to Build a Profitable, Cash-Based Business Without Relying on In-Person Sessions

If you're ready to learn how to: 

‚úst¬†Combine in-person therapy with digital services to extend your reach and offer flexible care options

‚úst¬†Diversify your income streams, allowing for increased earnings without additional hours

‚úst¬†Build targeted, value-driven service offerings¬†allowing you to charge¬†higher rates

‚úst¬†Deploy effective digital marketing¬†strategies that attract and convert a wider client base

‚úst¬†Use advanced sales skills to confidently sell your digital and in-person services¬†

‚úst¬†Achieve balance between a¬†thriving¬†professional life and fulfilling personal life¬†

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What's Included in the Program

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About Dr. Ray Gorman

Ray Gorman is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, innovative entrepreneur, and the driving force behind Engage Movement. He is renowned for empowering rehab professionals to transition from traditional, labor-intensive methods to efficient, profitable models.

With a career spanning over two decades, Dr. Gorman has influenced countless rehab professionals through his unique approach to physical therapy and business acumen.

As a thought leader in his field, Dr. Gorman has been instrumental in mentoring professionals to integrate online services into their practices, distinguishing them from other practitioners and strategically advancing their businesses. 

In addition to his professional achievements, Ray is a dedicated mentor and community builder, focusing on client-centered care. His advocacy for a holistic approach to wellness, merging rehabilitation with fitness, positions him as a pivotal figure in both the healthcare and business communities.

Engage Movement Guarantee

At Engage Movement program, we're not just confident in what we offer - we're committed to your success. That's why we offer a straightforward promise: If you don't earn back your program investment, we'll provide additional coaching at no extra cost, provided you've actively applied our strategies.

Don't just take our word for it...


Dr. Nicole T.

“The most eye opening part for me so far was the ability to have a competitive rate ($200/hr) and know that I still have potential to increase in the future. Having someone tell you "you can" in the beginning is very helpful. Although I was initially hesitant, creating the correct pricing structure (along with having a virtual presence) has allowed me to reach my first $12k month in only my 2nd full month of business."

Ethan M.

 "After working together, Ray has given me a new found passion and drive to see my business succeed I would absolutely recommend any performance provider that feels they're in need of some guidance or help with their business, to work with Ray... You won't regret it!!"

Jared M.

"A unique portion of this experience is that its truly an individual coaching/mentorship... In every one of our calls, Dr. Ray has ACTUALLY coached me... listening and examining carefully what I'm going through and describing to him, and then from his experience, guiding and mentoring me on the right questions to ask myself, so that I'm found with answers that truly address the issue at hand."

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