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Our Story

In 2004, while navigating the world of physical therapy as a patient, Dr. Ray Gorman, a budding physical therapist and strength coach, faced a pivotal realization. Why couldn't the benefits of therapy extend beyond the clinic's walls to places like a personal gym? This question, born out of frustration with the traditional rehab model, planted the seed for what would become Engage Movement.

Fast forward to 2015, a year after graduating from PT school, Dr. Gorman launched his cash-based clinic. He quickly recognized the limitations of the traditional in-person model. Driven by a desire to blend his passion for fitness with innovative physical therapy, he pivoted towards a transformative approach using what is now known as the Performance Provider Growth Model™. This model was a game-changer, integrating in-person sessions with a digital client management system, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.

Today, Engage Movement stands as a testament to the power of digital integration in the rehab and coaching world. It's a story of breaking free from traditional constraints, embracing technological advancements, and prioritizing client needs and therapist well-being. 

Our Mission

At Engage Movement, we're not just about transforming businesses; we're about transforming lives. Our mission is to empower rehab professionals and coaches to shatter the constraints of traditional in-person dependency, introducing a digital-first approach to client management and care.

The Performance Provider Growth Model™


The Performance Provider Growth Model™, central to Engage Movement's philosophy, is a groundbreaking framework designed to revolutionize the way rehab professionals and coaches operate their business. This innovative model seamlessly integrates the benefits of in-person sessions with the flexibility and scalability of digital services.

Exclusively designed for those who are eager to break free from the traditional, insurance-dependent models that have long restricted the potential of rehab professionals. It empowers coaches and rehab professionals to diversify their service offerings, enabling them to cater to a broader client base while maintaining high-quality care.


Key Features

✓  Blending In-Person and Digital Services: Facilitate a mix of in-person sessions and online management, offering clients the best of both worlds.

✓  Diversifying Income Streams: Explore new avenues for revenue generation beyond the confines of traditional models.

✓  Advanced Sales and Marketing Strategies: Implement cutting-edge techniques to attract and retain a diverse clientele.

✓  Comprehensive Digital Learning Platform: Gain access to a wealth of resources, tools, and case studies to continuously refine your business.

Impact and Outcomes

Coaches and rehab professionals adopting the Performance Provider Growth Model™ have experienced transformative changes in their professional and personal lives:

✓  Increased Revenue: Practitioners report significant boosts in earnings through the model's diversified income strategies.

✓  Improved Client Satisfaction: The blend of in-person and digital care has led to higher client engagement and outcomes.

✓  Enhanced Professional Fulfillment: The flexibility and innovation inherent in the model have rekindled practitioners' passion for their profession.

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