Movement - A group of people working together to advance their shared ideas. 

What started as a small Physical Therapy clinic with the idea that recreational athletes deserved more, evolved into a movement to progress the space of the rehab industry and blend it with fitness, so the two look the same. 

Engage Movement has an education first model where we look to share our ideas, challenge the accepted norms, and provide high-value solutions to keep your clients in the gym; training or doing what they love. 

We believe the gap that exists between rehab and fitness can be bridged by either side.

Community. Education. Support. 

These 3 ideals help guide Engage Movement to: Provide a system to help coaches and rehab professionals return their clients to the activities they love by using detailed assessments, create smart programs, and clear communication guidelines which establish a common language. 

Become The Guide Your Client Needs To Get Them Back To What They Love

Through our education program you will learn how to:

  • Communicate How Mindset and Lifestyle Affect Injury
  • Screen Range of Motion
  • Set Your Clients Up For Success
  • Modify Training Around Pain
  • Assess Strength and Program in a Meaningful Way
  • Keep Cranky Tendons Healthy
  • Return Your Clients to the Activities They Love

By putting these pieces together for your client, you could be the person who solves the unsolvable. 

Join The Movement

Your clients are counting on you!