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Workshop Sales 101

business coach crossfit rehab rehab professional Jan 23, 2023

Acquiring clients is a hot topic that gets a lot of buzz on social platforms and Google searches. And it’s no surprise since client acquisition feeds your business. One of the ways coaches and rehab professionals can acquire clients is to host workshops at welcoming facilities, in your own space, or in a fully virtual setting. The tips I am about to share can be universally used for most of these settings!

While this list is not exhaustive, I think you’ll find a couple of action items that you can immediately implement in your operating procedure! 

  1. Ask the attendees at the BEGINNING of the workshop what questions they would like answered by the end. Write them on the whiteboard with their name and work the answers into your content to make it specific to their experience. This is a legit game changer that will allow you to connect deeper with the people in attendance. 
  2. You have to know your client’s journey clearly. This will dictate what phase you are going to move them to from the workshop. Usually, this is an intro offer or evaluation - but consider performance assessments as well to diversify your ask.
  3. Align your expectations with what the intent of the workshop is. Is this for exposure? Is it for conversions? Is it to build a relationship with the gym/host facility? Here's an example: if I host an exposure workshop where I am just trying to get people to learn who I am, I don't judge success by the number of people who convert on the offer. I just want to provide immense value and plant seeds for the future!
  4. Have a data collection process. You need to start accumulating a list. Even if this is just a google/excel sheet to start. Make sure you get their name, email, and phone number.
  5. Consider your "workshop offer" as a cost to acquire clients. For example, you charge $200 for an evaluation, but you offer a $100 evaluation to those in attendance, you now know the cost per client is $100 (to hopefully convert to a lifetime value play of >$2,000).
  6. If you want to filter your audience further, charge a nominal fee of $10 or $20. People value what they pay for. This will increase the quality of opportunity at your event. Lower the risk of paying upfront by allowing them to roll this into the next offer as well (added value! And it doesn’t actually cost you anything). This is a great strategy if your free workshops aren't converting as you’d like. 
  7. Selling to an audience is different than selling to an individual. You have to bring the energy, excitement, and show them how you solve their problem (not trying to get them hyped for Physical Therapy or Personal Training).
  8. Connection is everything. If you notice that someone is a warmer lead in the group, ensure you connect with them multiple times during the workshop and especially after when you can connect 1:1. Bonus points if you can make short-term changes with what they experience or how they feel during the workshop. 
  9. Adapt your language for each niche. When I present to a group, I am going to speak the language of the current audience. For example, if I am doing a shoulder workshop for CrossFitters, I am going to relate everything to gymnastics or overhead movements. If I am talking to a baseball audience, I am using terms like "arm care," bat speed, or pitching velocity. It might even be the same workshop with different niche languages as well! No major changes to the structure.
  10. People need multiple opportunities to take you up on your offer. At the beginning of the workshop, let them know you will have something special for them at the end, during the middle of the workshop, make sure you’re priming them for the ask, “if you’re feeling “xyz” (problem), then you’re going to love what we have to offer at the end of today (solution)!” Once the workshop is ending, give them another opportunity to take action with you 1:1! - Leverage the personal connection you’ve built. 
  11. It's a volume game. I think over time, most workshops will close 10-25% of people who attend them, so do the math! Workshops are a stop in the journey. Start tracking how many people attend and how many convert. This will give you good data to set better volume expectations and forecast your opportunity.

Last week, my client Jake implemented these strategies and went from 0 conversions from workshops to 4 discovery calls and 1 booked evaluation. Sometimes, small adjustments to the process go a long way!

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