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Why Humans Stay Stuck

business coach life mindset rehab professional Mar 12, 2024

Maybe you’ve noticed this pattern before… let’s say you have a friend who is in a relationship that both you and them know they should get out of. Things just aren’t working, it's obvious, but they stay stuck for YEARS longer than they should have. What gives?

The concept of psychological safety is a powerful one. So how do we take this all too common problem in relationships and translate it over to business? In reality, the situation is exactly the same. As humans, we’d rather stay stuck and safe over the unknown of action and change even if it was the right move… It’s not just you, it’s literally your brain.

Now this content isn’t going to magically push you to action, but the goal is to help you understand why it’s so hard for you to change. Why it’s so hard for you to invest in solutions to your problems… why you continuously stay in a less than optimal situation month over month, year over year only to look back and say “I should have…”

But the first step to action is awareness. Now that you know this concept exists, you can take your power back. 

Now this concept is true in business, but it’s also true for your potential clients, especially the ones you knew you could help but didn’t move forward with working with you.

But I’m going to challenge you… how can you expect them to take the plunge into changing their situation if it’s difficult for you to change yours?

That question may sting a little bit, but does it resonate with you because you sense some truth in it?

It did for me when I learned this lesson, that’s for sure.

Now all that’s left for you is challenging the way you currently do things.. Will you continue to play it safe and keep the dreams you have at bay? Or will you take action and dive into a bit of uncertainty?

As always, the choice is yours.

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