Using a 3-Step Process

business coach rehab rehab professional rts Nov 14, 2022

The rule of three is a writing concept that states topics are more memorable when presented in threes. This is one of the reasons I recommend all of my clients have a general 3 step process to explain to their clients. In the client journey, there are likely 3 distinct macro-phases that your client will experience to achieve the change you know you can deliver.

One of the major benefits of breaking down your process into thirds is it can outline beyond when your client thinks they have achieved the end result. Let’s use a common example in the rehab realm: A client wants to get out of pain to return to some recreational activity.

In the client’s mind, they may think, “once I am out of pain, I’m done” - since that is the perception of the problem. But we know better. We know that getting out of pain is just the beginning of the journey, and there is still a mismatch in tissue tolerance or capacity compared to perceived readiness - a major reason why traditional rehab can fail as it lacks to address this issue.

So how do we bridge this perception gap that your client is experiencing? We get ahead of it at our initial assessment by explaining the 3 step process. Here is the exact one I teach my clients straight out of my clinical operations manual to use and the explanation behind them:

Step 1 - Resolve the issue - This phase is the most obvious and typically why clients are coming to see you! This could be something like: getting out of pain, increasing function, or improving positions. But, we know the journey extends beyond this and that is one of the differentiating characteristics from the traditional rehab model.

Step 2- Return to activity - aka, bridging the gap between rehab and performance. The return to activity phase is a gradual exercise progression where the “rehab” work we are writing starts to look like their training. We leverage the use of the Prescriptive Exercise Program here.

Step 3 - Sustainable confidence - This phase ensures that the client has the protective workload and provider support to manage most, if not all, of their training decisions on their own. This process can also act as your “maintenance” or “continuity” offer.

Once you understand your customer journey and the accompanying 3 step process, your sales pitch becomes much easier because of the simplicity in painting the picture of progression through time and management under your guidance!

If you do not yet have a 3-step process, I encourage you to build one using the framework above or take this one!

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