Timing is… nothing?

business coach life mindset rehab professional May 22, 2023

Have you ever said, “I’ll do it when the time is right…” only to look back 1, 2, or 5 years later and still be waiting for the right time? If you answered yes, this newsletter is specifically for you. If you answered no, do me a favor and forward this to the first person who comes to mind. 

Every day, I think about the concept of time, mainly because it’s the one resource that is finite for us as individuals, and once it passes, we can never get it back. I also think of how I make decisions on things that COST time. Sometimes, it's a catch-22. I know I need the thing… but I “don’t have the time”... but the thing… eventually gets me more time! 

So how do we manage?

This is a topic I’ve sat back and reflected on recently, how do we make time in our busy lives? 

What I’ve landed on is having to make a choice of what my mindset is surrounding the thing I want. If I want something to work, I will make time for it. If I don’t I will continue to prioritize other things. Now, this may seem like a privileged approach, and I’ll admit, it might be. This concept isn’t as simple for those who do not have their basic needs met, but we are talking about a specific subsect of people that this concept may apply to - entrepreneurs and potentially the clients we work with. 

To reframe this for yourself, you might have to ask, what is saying “I don’t have the time” protecting me from?

Maybe it’s protecting you from failure, your perception of risk, external judgment (from your parents or significant other), or maybe it’s something else… 

But what’s it costing you? 

Time, freedom, money, happiness? Only you can answer that.

Think about when your clients say, “I don’t have time to exercise” or “I just don’t have time to go to PT” - do you really think it’s time holding them back? Or something else?

Why would it be any different for us?

So how will you proceed? 

Without having the time? Or by making the time?

Regain control and adapt the view that the choice is yours to make. 

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