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The Power of Movement Screens

business coach rehab professional Nov 13, 2023

Your movement screen (assuming you have one that is systemized) can be one of the most powerful lead generators for your business. 

But, you need to know how to use it, when to ascend clients to the next step in the value ladder, and when to simply provide value to foster a relationship.

Even though this seems simple…. So many people get it wrong or spend countless Saturdays doing screens with no conversions. 

So how do you level up this skill set? Let’s dive in -

First, you need to understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your Movement Screen, typically we see people fall into one of two categories:

  1. Problem Aware - they know they have something going on and want to rule in/out any potential range of motion issues that might be contributing to their experience. *These are great clients to ascend because they have identified that they have a problem that is potentially worth solving.
  2. Problem Unaware - they want to understand WHY things are happening that aren’t necessarily problematic but ultimately will result in extending their longevity in training or performance. This provides an opportunity to help them be curious about what brought them in, what attracted them to your services/brand, and ultimately what they are looking to achieve from this assessment - this will help them become more problem AWARE if needed. 

Now there are also two subcategories that are important:

  1. Problem worth solving - something that they would actually want to invest in because it’s disrupting the life they want to live. *goal = ascend
  2. Problem not worth solving - even though the problem exists, it would not be worth ascending to a $200-300 offer with you. *goal = nurture

What you do next is key!

If you try to move someone to the next offer with you and their problem is NOT worth solving, you’ll feel salesy - we see this as the expectation for the client to do the movement screen and then convert to the evaluation - but this isn't the case. Remember, sometimes you just want to plant seeds (aka build relationships). 

The riches are in the niches - aka, specificity is important. 

If you want to put your screening process on steroids, interpret the findings for your potential clients into their performance language.

For runners, ankle dorsiflexion is important for shock absorption.

For crossfitters, it’s squat depth.

For field athletes, it’s explosiveness and agility.

The same test, with different meanings, for different people - this will change the game for you. 

Now you’re ready - schedule out your 15-20 minute screens and go execute and begin to use this powerful strategy for your business. 

Interested in learning how to apply this to your clients?

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