The path to 2x is digital

business coach rehab professional Mar 27, 2023

Imagine a world where you could acquire half the clients you have right now, and that would create no change in income… yes, half the work, 100% of the reward.

Now, picture using a model where you could take your current client roster and make double your current revenue… the same amount of work and 2x of the reward. 

This reality exists with the appropriate setup, and it’s the exact model I used when operating my cash-based Physical Therapy clinic (trainers can use this too). This system is what I call the Retention Programming Model, which allows clinicians to coaches to leverage a digital offering as a part of their standard client journey which allows for increased complete outcomes, 2x the lifetime value (LTV) of a client (a $2,000 offer becomes a $4,000 offer), increase the amount of clients that stay on to work with you after their problem is solved, AND give you the ability to work from anywhere in the world. It’s time for a change. 

For too long, service-based providers such as Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers have been locked into in-person delivery mechanisms to generate revenue. With the continued popularization of online programs and clients learning more about their own training, it’s becoming unnecessary that the entirety of their care needs to take place inside your facility walls. 

Here’s exactly how it works, along with the math. 

A client comes in for an initial assessment. Upon that assessment, you perform a systemized strength assessment that allows you to capture that data and quickly convert it to a Prescriptive Exercise Program that will get delivered online. After your full assessment, you determine that your client would be a good fit for your 10-visit package, which is an average of $200/visit or $2,000 in total (this used to be your old LTV) because you’re now using the Retention Programming Model, you are able to charge a recurring subscription of $399/month with an average length of engagement of 6 months, bringing the revenue from that pipeline to $2,394 and increase of almost 120%. 

Old total = $2,000 and 10 hours of in-person sessions = ($200/hr average)

New total = $4,394, and 10 hours of in-person sessions + 5 hours of digital management (less than 1 hour per month) = $293/hour average, with the digital work averaging $479/hr

Not a bad return on your time… 

The next step is up to you. Will you stay capped by selling sessions? Or will you evolve into a more efficient practitioner and create the life you’ve always wanted?

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