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The mindset that got me started

business coach mindset rehab professional Apr 16, 2024

Last week I was speaking with a colleague of mine about the beginning of my journey into business and what holds people back from getting started. 

We were discussing the concept of “risk” and the mindset that comes along with initial steps like forming your business entity, something like an LLC or PLLC, and that got us chatting to prompt a question…

Why is this step so scary? 

It doesn’t have to be…

First off, in most states, it’s a fairly inexpensive process to get started. I think my first LLC I filed myself was less than $500, some states even cheaper. 

Starting an LLC doesn’t mean you need to quit your job. It’s just something you have, something that allows you the opportunity to get started when you want. I know it can be intimidating, but it’s just a step. You’re not quitting tomorrow.

Momentum is a killer asset in the entrepreneurial journey and I’ve seen just the simple process of forming an LLC kick off great things for people.

For me, it was an outlet to start doing what I was already doing… using my skill set outside of my main job, a classic time monopolizing strategy by PTs everywhere. 

Initially, I was working PRN in a skilled nursing facility which was… not my thing… but it was a flexible option to make extra money.

So I’d spend my Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings working at the SNF for $50/hour. Not bad, but not the most enjoyable time spent. 

Once I had my LLC, my opportunities started to expand. People at the gym were already asking me about being a PT, they were open to working with me in some capacity, and now, I had the flexibility and protection to be able to do that.

Here’s the mindset part… 

For me, I saw absolutely NO risk in just forming my business as an LLC, it was just a piece of paper. There doesn’t have to be any risk for you either. Remove the barriers, get something started, and watch the rest start to fall together. 

If you’re feeling anxious about the process at all, start taking action, that’s the best way to resolve that feeling. 

*Some states do require a PLLC for professional services, your Secretary of State website will have this info easily accessible. 

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