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The Future: Asynchronous Management

business coach rehab rehab professional Jul 03, 2023

The traditional model of PT is pretty simple. Figure out a way to see more clients in a day, and you’ll make more money. It’s what those in the insurance realm have really relied on as you’ve seen big box corporations purchase the smaller clinics… thus giving them more power to go high volume and negotiate favorable contracts for their group. 

If I’m being 100% honest, as soon as I saw that as the key to private practice, it was clear I needed to exit and figure something else out. 

We are on the cusp of another evolution in PT, one that truly leverages technology as a part of the journey and one that actually allows the PT to do the cool shit they got into this profession to do. 

Most of what PT is today is described as a “Synchronous management” style - where we are working with our clients in real-time - either virtually or in-person - and thus, we can use a unit that correlates to time to create a monetary total that we can either submit for reimbursement or take payment in the form of cash from the consumer (cash pay as we know it).

But, just like cash pay clinics took the consumer model by storm about a decade ago, a new wave of change is entering the arena…

Want to finally get paid for your results and not just your time? 

Welcome, “Asynchronous management.” 

Now the big difference here is that communication does not always happen in real-time, it can often have a lag, buuuuuut, in many cases, that doesn’t matter because we have processes to account for that. 

So imagine this, your client pays you monthly instead of hourly, you’re now able to have MORE touch points with them as you help bring them towards their goals, and your client gets a more complete outcome because you’re actually able to “bridge the gap” from rehab to performance, AND you make more $$$$ per hour than if you just sold your time…. Seriously, this might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. 

Here’s how it works: we teach our clients implementing this model to write weekly workouts (not fitness workouts, we call it a prescriptive exercise program), and then we watch any videos we’ve requested to check form or technique, decipher any comments the clients have left, and simply make adjustments to the program… just like we would in the clinic, but without the need to sell time.

Now, many of our clients run a BLENDED model - which is really just crafting an offer that gets everyone the best of both worlds - High-value in-person sessions (synchronous), supported by a higher volume of touchpoints over a longer period of time delivered through an app (asynchronous). 

So what does that mean for the PTs we work with?

How about recurring revenue for stability, package sales for an influx of operating capital, and a way to generate revenue that doesn’t require you to sell your soul to the time gods. 

The biggest hurdle? Evolving your mindset. 

You have to be ready to change. You have to be ready to experiment. And you have to understand that bumps are going to occur along the way, but this is all the price you pay for freedom later on. 

Ready to make the change? We promise it’s not as scary as you think. 

Join the leaders of change in the PT industry as we pave the way for a new model that provides you with the freedom you’ve always wanted. 

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