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Remember to Rest

business crossfit life mindset rehab rehab professional Sep 12, 2022

One of the reasons I love working with fitness and rehab professionals is their base knowledge about strength and conditioning principles. You’ve probably asked one of your clients “When was your last rest day?” - This is something I ask my clients regularly who I mentor in business. 

The principles are the same… in training, run your body into the ground each day, you’ll pay the price. In business, especially those in a solopreneur role, run your mind into the ground each day… you’ll pay the price. 

Too often, clients I work with are doing their admin work, marketing, sales, non-service related projects, and much more on their off days… but that isn’t rest. That’s work.

You may see rest as a disadvantage, but I promise you, if you structure your week well (here’s a previous blog on it), you can be your most productive and creative self. 

Personally, when my creativity starts to dip, I know I am nearing burnout and that has become a massive warning sign for me to pull back a bit. 

Just like in fitness, our rest days set us up for productive training days. Let your mental rest days set you up for your productive work week. The work will always be there, the experiences won’t. 

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