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Press For Champagne

business coach rehab professional Apr 24, 2023

My wife and I recently traveled to the UK and Europe (post Brexit, so I need to clarify) for our honeymoon, and in the midst of our trip, we came across this atypical way to order a glass of champagne. I shared it on my IG story while we traveled and promised to follow up with the lesson, so here it is.

When we sat down at Bob Bob Ricard’s in London, I noticed this button almost immediately. Gold plated, easy to read, and with a clear call to action: “Press For Champagne.” My wife and I looked at each other and said, “We have to order this..”

The reasons for me were apparent: curiosity in the process, what happens after I push the button, how do they know it’s my table, what’s happened to their champagne sales since installing this concept?

The reason for my wife: she loves champagne!

So after dinner, we pressed the button. Immediately above the bar, a red number was illuminated, which was associated with our table, about 3 seconds later, our waiter approached and asked if we’d like champagne (to which we obviously obliged), and the bubbles were then delivered and consumed in celebration.

What’s the lesson here?

Novelty gets traction and attention. 

Pair this novelty with a clear call to action, and you can achieve the desired outcome from your client. Even for simple experiences such as ordering a drink. I know for sure I would not have ordered a glass of champagne without this button, but my curiosity about the experience got the best of me.

How can you apply this to business?

Novel experiences are what gets talked about. 

It’s time to stand out from the norm. For me, this happened while practicing clinically. My process was able to get outcomes for my clients WITHOUT them needing to come and see me in the clinic. There was also intrigue by the type of testing they were getting at their initial assessment - not many PTs were having clients do an 8RM step up in the traditional clinic, but I was - thus, a novel experience that was being talked about amongst the community of my niche.

These days, I get the privilege of teaching clinicians and coaches who are looking to stand out from the masses how to get outcomes DIFFERENTLY from the status quo.

It’s time for some novelty in the space, and you can be early, or you can be late. 

Which will you choose?

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