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Presentation Structure

business coach rehab rehab professional Oct 09, 2023

Having a well thought out process is something we pride ourselves on helping our clients develop in their business. 

One of the biggest problems we often see when working with new providers is the lack of a consistent presentation structure they use when pitching their offer to their clients. Because of this, they end up losing sales, frustrated, and even sometimes causes them to call it quits altogether. 

That’s why we are going to give you the framework of our structure:

It all starts with a Summary of Findings

After we have collected all the data and maybe done a quick treatment, we can go into a review to help the client understand what may be contributing to their problem and how we are going to help them solve it. 

We break our summary into 3 distinct whiteboard presentations.

  1. The Client Attribute Profile - This allows us to to help the client understand their build, strengths, weaknesses, and ultimately outline the areas of opportunity we will attack with our plan. 
  2. Stress Capacity - This is, in effect, the explanation of the Biopsychosocial model in patient-friendly terms and allows them to understand how internal and external stressors play into the pain experience. We teach them stress management and awareness strategies so they can make better decisions on their own and identify trends. 
  3. Return to Sport/Activity - Why this time is going to be different. In this summary presentation, we show the client how their past rehab experiences likely led to a relief/reinjury cycle and how we are going to space out our treatment plan to ensure this doesn’t happen again. When you nail this lecture, the pitch to a digital mechanism is seamless!

Next, we Transition to the Close

In this phase of the presentation, we ask for permission to present the plan of care. We want to set this up as the client is involved the entire time. 

Once we have permission, we move to the Recommendation

Notice, I didn't say options, I said recommendations. You’re the expert, time to act like it! They came to you for this specific reason. Now, you need to present it to them with confidence. 

In the recommendation section, we present the blend of in-person and digital mechanisms to help get them from where they are now to where they want to be. It’s pivotal here that you tie in the medium of delivery (in-person vs. virtual) specifically to how it helps them get their desired outcome. 

Throughout this portion, we are checking for confirmation by asking questions like “Do you see how this aspect would be helpful?” - to which they respond, “Yes,” - furthering your chances of them signing on for a blended plan of care. 

From here, we get Process Confirmation:

In this phase, we ask, “Any question on how this would help get you back to “xyz” activity?” - this is an early opportunity to pre-handle any objections.

Once we have process confirmation, we go to Value Confirmation:

In this phase, we want the client to sell themselves on WHY this path is the best for them. When they do this, the chances of hitting roadblocks upon presenting the price decreases because they’ve already convinced themselves why this is the path for them!

And finally, Investment Permission…

If you currently “price drop” like it’s a take it or leave it mentality, my guess is a lot of your potential clients are leaving it… yikes

Instead, we ask permission, we tie the investment back to the result, we outline the recommendations briefly and then we invite them for a discussion of concerns. 

Once the concerns are resolved, we sign them up and get to work!

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to shoot from the hip each time and you could consistently run your clients through a repeatable process each time!?

Take this framework and run with it! 

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