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Performance Provider Growth Model

business coach mindset rehab professional Feb 06, 2024

The Performance Provider Growth Model was born out of necessity from the early days of my career as a clinical PT. 

It took me about 1 year of practicing to feel the walls caving in around me, and unfortunately, the setup of the profession left me underwhelmed… both in financial opportunities and upward mobility, as I saw what my career progression would look like.

Like many new PT’s in the Outpatient realm, I started to look for more opportunities to make money and inevitably start paying my loans. I did what many other PT’s do, I started looking around for PRN positions and eventually took one at a Skilled Nursing Facility for $50/hour (wow! Honestly, I thought I was balling at this point in my life). 

Now, while the money was decent at that time, the problem was all my free time was gone… 

Remember when you had Friday afternoons off? No more. 

Remember catching up on sleep on Saturday mornings from the long work week… no more… and I started to feel the inevitable… burnout. 

This realization led me to investigate other ways to bridge the financial gap from where I was to where I wanted to be and prompted me to open my cash clinic in the gym where I was a member. I figured if I could make $50 in the nursing home, why not charge $60/hour in the gym. Yes, this was actually my first potential price point because of my mindset around pricing, not VALUE - a lot has changed since then. These days we help our clients get between $150-250/hour when in person and anywhere from $400-$600/hour when operating digitally (that’s not a typo, it’s simply the power of getting outcomes regardless of time constraints). 

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m sharing this story and not talking about the PPGM, and that’s because many of you are facing these exact challenges right now… but you think a cash clinic is the solution. In some ways, it is, but here’s where it left me wanting more:

  • Still trading time for money
  • Still needing to be in a physical location
  • Still relying on volume (although less, to get outcomes)
  • Feeling like I needed to sell an hour session because that was deemed “valuable”

It was lipstick on a pig to a certain degree. 

But then something shifted, and my entire world changed… I started selling my in-person client’s digital programs. They didn't have a name at the time, they were just remote programs (we now call them Prescriptive Exercise Programs)… and the following happened:

  • Recurring revenue in my business
  • Ability to get outcomes without needing to be in person
  • I could travel and still service/generate revenue
  • I finally felt like I could offer the exact solution my clients needed and not just sell another 10-pack of sessions when all they needed was guidance. 

So what is the Performance Provider Growth Model? It’s the answer to many of the limitations of our profession. It’s the evolution of how we get client outcomes in the performance space. It’s the solution that many providers are looking for to create financial stability and peace of mind in their day to day operations. 

Finally, a blend of in-person and virtual services is specifically designed to help break you free from the time trap. Time you could spend playing golf, hanging with your friends, reminiscing with your family, attending activities for your kids, all without the guilt of giving up valuable revenue generating time. 

The PPGM is for those who are ready for an evolution. It’s for those who just don’t feel like the traditional model or work week jive with them. It’s for those of you who love what you do but can’t stand how you have to do it. 

You don’t have to spend the next 30 years trapped inside. You can break free. You just have to evolve. Will you?

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