Money aside, would you do it?

business coach rehab professional Jul 10, 2023

This piece is for everyone who has ever thought, “My services are expensive.”

I know you’re out there, I used to be that person when I was a PT… “why would people pay $200/visit when they could use their insurance…” - the truth was, I just wasn’t great at sales. 

Here’s some perspective… if you, as the SELLER of your offer, think what you do is expensive and if you lack confidence in presenting your price… what is the BUYER going to think…

Maybe you’re even cringing right now as you read this… flashing back to the last time you presented a price to a client… and then they froze a little bit…” That’s expensive” - and in your head, you thought, well yeah, it is… 

How did you respond?

Now let’s put yourself into a situation where you’re the buyer. You’ve sought out coaching and found someone who can help you solve your problem, build your business, or maybe take it to the next level. 

They present the investment…

And all of a sudden, YOU thought… “That’s expensive” - well, what I hope you’re realizing here is the objection you give is the objection you get…

So let’s do a thought experiment… 

What does “expensive" mean to you?

Is it the initial investment? The total investment?

Is it a sum of money you’ve simply never spent before, and so there’s a little… dare I say… fear associated with it?

Have you had a bad coaching experience in the past?

Expensive can mean a lot of things… Are you asking your clients what they mean when they say it?

Put yourself back in that last buying situation and ask yourself, “Money aside, would this work for me?” - if the answer is YES, but you said “no" to whoever was trying to help you commit to change, did you potentially prevent yourself from hitting your goals?

I’ve learned a lot from running my own business, mainly, change is scary. It’s no longer our job in a sale to “close.” It’s to figure out what’s holding the person back from commitment. 

If you’re thinking to yourself right now, well, I just need more leads… More leads doesn’t solve a sales problem…

So when it comes to committing to your goals and committing to change, let me ask:

Money aside, would you do it?

If so, I encourage you to take the next step. You could keep waiting… you could keep wondering… what if…

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