Merging In-person + Digital Worlds

business rehab rehab professional rts Dec 19, 2022

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about building a business and spreading a message to those willing to listen, it’s figuring out how to say the same thing in different ways. I think the concept of digitalization is overall intimidating to many of those interested in learning the process. 

 You may be thinking:

  • This isn't for me
  • My clients only want to work in person
  • There’s minimal value in digital work

But I assure you, the deeper the understanding of digital implications, the clearer the vision. Earlier this week, I was working on a guest lecture for a group of coaches and rehab professionals looking to better the profession and created this graphic I wanted to share with you to help visualize the client journey more clearly. 

Looking at the graphic above, I want to take a 10-visit plan and review an implementation option for a client experiencing acute irritability, a common objection to wanting to implement a digital process. 

As you can see outlined in the graphic, this process combines your existing in-person management strategy with a digital management strategy once it becomes appropriate for the client you’re working with. 

In most typical plans of care, we would end our client-provider relationship with the client when symptom resolution is over. However, we know the job is not done. From here, we need to reintegrate varying aspects of the client’s goals, return them to sport/activity, and ensure that they learn self-management strategies through the sustainable confidence phase. This process may extend out to six months or beyond! Many coaches are implementing this strategy because of the nature of how they work with clients in a recurring fashion, but the rehab field is lagging behind! 

What about the revenue implications? 

Let’s say you charge $2,000 ($200 a visit) for a 10-visit plan. Now, let’s add six months of digital management to that journey to get a more complete client outcome and charge $300/month or $1,800 over the course of that time. You would nearly double your average value of each client without changing much to the way you practice.

Don’t hamstring your growth by ignoring the evolution that’s coming. You still have time in 2022 to begin laying the foundation for 2023. If you’re ready, all you have to do is book a call!

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