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Maximizing the “Subjective” to Increase Conversions

business coach rehab rehab professional Aug 28, 2023

What if I told you that most of the hard work was done by the time you got to the Subjective portion of your assessment…

Yet so many Providers struggle to convert the client into a plan of care…

Seems paradoxical - those two statements.

Think about it, by the time you’re having a conversation around the Subjective, your client has already overcome two of the biggest hurdles:

  1. Deciding to opt out of the standard clinic that takes their insurance
  2. Investing in care at a relatively high price point - hopefully north of $200, which you’ve already discussed with them

The rest should be cake

But this is where we hit the most resistance.

How come?

What we typically see here is Providers having difficulty extracting the TRUE problem that the client is experiencing and focusing on pain as the issue at hand - newsflash… it's not. 

This can often lead to a minimal “Gap” from the client compared to where they want to be. 

Secondly, there’s no understanding of the IMPACT that problem is having on the client. 

And because no true problem or impact has been identified - in the client’s mind - there becomes missing value when the plan of care is presented. 

Then you hear:

“Ok, well let me think about it”

“Let me chat with my partner”

“Let me just try some of the things we talked about today and get back to you”

….but you’re ghosted and the opportunity to help is gone. 

And this truly sucks because…

You saw all the potential of how you could help them… your practice is perfect for what they are experiencing… AND you almost want to help them for free just to prove them wrong…

But you have a business to run and that’s why we want to help!

It doesn’t have to be this way, maybe you’re just some minor tweaks away from success…


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