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Leveraging Social Media

business coach rehab professional Dec 04, 2023

Social media can be intimidating… so many platforms to choose from, and so many different types of content… where should you even start?

Let’s be honest, it’s overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be like that forever. You just need a little clarity and direction to start, so I am going to share with you a basic plan that you can start using to turn followers into clients. 

There are a few things we need to address before we get into any tactics:

First off, you need to adapt your mindset - success isn’t deserved until we explore the possibility of failure - they are two necessary parts of the journey. If you’re too scared to start, you’ll never get to experience that perception of success. Now, this is meant to help you take power back! It’s meant to help you see that what you want lies on the other side of action. Your mindset is key here… you have to understand that this journey is difficult, this journey has ups and downs, but you need to experience the downs so you can enjoy the ups. Once you realize this, you’ll need to start acting quickly to prove yourself right.

Secondly, you need to start refining your messaging: who are you, and what problem do you solve? Nobody in the digital world is buying “physical therapy” or “fitness”; they are buying a solution to a problem. I talk with people every day who don’t understand why they aren’t attracting clients, and it’s simply because they either don't know what problem they are trying to solve or they are trying to solve every problem out there… because more problems = more opportunity, right? But it doesn’t really work like that. 

For some of you, you’ll need to stop reading here and go figure those two things out. 

For the rest of you, keep going, but more importantly, put this into action. 

Opportunity doesn’t exist, it is created. Read that again… 

Every day, we are constantly walking by opportunity. It isn’t until we take action that it actually becomes created. So while you’re sitting there posting content listening to your favorite influencer saying - “just keep posting, your dream clients will come,” - keep in mind how long it took them to get there… in some cases, 10+ years… this can be… bad advice. 

So how do you create opportunity?

It’s easier than you think…

Send a message, and make a post with a call to action, but you have to request something specific. For example, here’s a simple but effective way to start conversations in your DM’s - yes, you need to message all your new followers…

MSG 1: “Hey Ray, great to connect”

MSG 2: “What brings you over to my page?”

Now some people will respond, some people will read it and go on about their day… that’s ok. What’s happened here is a door has been opened and an opportunity… CREATED. 

Now depending on what services you offer, will depend on what questions you ask next. 

The goal here is to understand 2 things:

  1. Literally… why they were attracted to your page
  2. Help them understand the problems THEY have - even if you already know - so they actually have a reason to get on a call with you. 

They might say something like:

“I saw your post on knee pain and found it interesting”

You might respond with: "What did you find interesting about it?”

They will say “xyz thing,” and you can ask… 

  • “Is that something you’ve been struggling with?
  • “For how long?”
  • “In what ways is that impacting your ability to do xyz?”

And thus… an opportunity is created on a deeper level. 

So, go try this, and if you get stuck, just send me a screenshot of the convo, and I will help you navigate the rest of the convo with no strings attached. Or, just stay exactly where you are... The choice is yours.

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