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Levels of Exercise Guidance

coach rehab rehab professional Jul 25, 2022

It took me a while to realize I was confusing the hell out of my clients. Not just my clients in my clinic, but also my clients HERE! 

The mistake I was making seemed minimal, but it was causing a massive disconnect… When I said “remote programming” - a lot of people thought I was referring to a FULL fitness program, and that is NOT what I intended… Whoops, we live and we learn. The best part about my error is I get to share it with you, so you can learn from my mistakes. 

Recently I have been revamping all of my language on my social media as well as in my course, Retain. 

Here’s how I am explaining the levels of exercise guidance and making sure they are differentiated: 

  1. Home Exercise Program - Low dose and low level of exercise typically given at the initial evaluation/assessment. This is usually repeated daily with a fairly generic rep scheme for a set period of time. It can be progressed over time, but usually is body weight oriented.
  2. Therapeutic Exercise - The clinical term for exercise management to build strength, increase range of motion, and resolve client issues. This is reimbursable by insurance, but must be performed at the visit under clinical supervision.
  3. Prescriptive Exercise Program - Programmed based on objective data gathered from assessment that resembles closely to traditional strength or reconditioning (return to activity) work on the clients own time. With your guidance, but not direct in-person supervision. This is a cash based service.
  4. Programming - Whether remote or in-person this term is related to fitness programming including strength and conditioning.

*So many people I talk to are doing the Prescriptive Exercises Program work, but giving it away as a home exercise program! Please STOP! You’re giving away so MUCH value for free, it’s time to start charging!

Instead of having my clients unlearn what they think “Programming” means and explaining my definition of it, I just made up a new one. That’s how marketing is sometimes, simply creating definitions to clarify your offer. 

Now here’s the fun part: Since I have distinct definitions for each of them, I can clearly position them against each other and use what’s called “value proposition”. 

For example: “Hey Mike, I can either give you a home exercise program of 2-3 exercises that you can repeat for the next week OR we can start a Prescriptive Exercise Program where I can deliver your strength work right to your phone and you can perform it in your own gym!”

Mike is choosing the second option, I’ve done this enough to be confident in that statement.

If you’re stuck on implementing a digital process in your business, this could be why! If you’re looking to apply a cheat code and have all this done for you, you should just apply for Retain and we can bust this out in 12 weeks without overloading your plate!

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