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It’s time for a change

business coach rehab rehab professional Mar 13, 2023

Sell packages. Hire people. Sell more packages. Hire more people… This is the cycle of the traditional scale mechanism that everyone teaches. Boring, outdated, and burnout looms.

What if you could… see fewer clients, reduce the headache of hiring, extend the lifecycle and value of each client, all while delivering superior outcomes? You’d do it in a heartbeat, right?

Your stress levels hope so!

I want you to reimagine your career and the traditional model of training or physical therapy. One where you don’t have to trade time for money, one where you can get outcomes without seeing clients in person, and one where you can ACTUALLY scale without the constraints of time (yours or one of your employees). Do I have your attention?

Let me refresh your memory about the Retention Programming Model (RPM) - a fresh take on the service-based industries where trading your time is typically the norm but no longer a necessity. One where you can work 20 hours per week and make almost $18,000/month like my client Kate (I’ll share her story at the end). 

The RPM is a method of client management that allows you to blend your in-person and digital management strategies so you can finally bridge the gap between rehab and performance.

You’ll no longer need to constantly acquire clients because you’d finally have a system and process that allows you to generate revenue WITHOUT seeing your client in person! A dream that has become a reality!

Don’t want to work with clients in person at all? The RPM accounts for that as well.

But enough of my words! I’d like you to watch this interview with Dr. Kate Dowd, who has 5x’d her income since implementing the RPM in her clinic!

With the RPM, Dr. Kate Dowd has been able to be present in her kids' lives, travel when she wants, schedule her hobbies, and make her health and fitness a priority. All while providing for her family through her non-traditional cash-based Physical Therapy Clinic!

Spend about 30 minutes listening to her story and see how her dream became a reality.

Dr. Kate Dowd - 5x Your Income

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