Is Current You Limiting Your Progress?

business life mindset rehab professional May 15, 2023

We’re all constantly looking for ways to become our best selves: to grow or to change our current situations. Sometimes that requires looking in the mirror and understanding how “Current You” is holding you back from living the life you want to live. 

Let me provide a few examples….

Let’s say you’ve always been an “overthinker”, you might even say things like “paralysis by over analysis,”... and the thought loop keeps you stuck, always researching for the “best” options, thinking the grass is greener elsewhere, and sourcing too many opinions before you realize the urgency is gone and you’re back in your comfort zone. 

How do I know?

I used to be exactly like this… Hyper-vigilant to over-consume and under-implement. Stuck in the thought that I could just “figure it out myself” - and to be fair, I could, and you can… but there’s a cost with that. 

When I wanted to start my Cash Based PT clinic, I was going to price my rates at $60/hour. Why? Because that is how current me understood pricing… as a mechanism of time… and I was making $50/hour at nursing home PRN. “If I am going to work for someone else for $50/hour, I might as well give myself a 20% raise,” - I thought. 

Luckily I got some free advice that said, “Pick a number you feel uncomfortable saying” - at the time, I chose $90/hour. A quick lesson from someone who had already been there netted me $30 extra dollars per session, simply because they were living in the future of where I was, and even though it wasn’t where I should’ve been, it was better than where I was with free advice. As I look back on that experience, I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened had I committed to formal mentorship with that person, but I think that experience is simply part of my story and the lesson I’ve learned and get to share with you all today. 

Every day, I speak with PTs who are charging $100-125/session for cash-based services, because that’s what they currently believe the price point should be out of value beliefs or simply being unsure how to price this type of service. Recently a client of mine sold his plan of care to his first-ever in-person cash client at an average value per visit of $214 per session. Why? Because he is living as the Future Him, not the Old Him that would have charged $150…A pretty large opportunity cost he would’ve missed out on!

So if you want to become a Future You who is - an action taker, understander of value-based pricing, knows how to navigate difficult sales conversations, confident in their service and delivery, and knows exactly how their in-person and digital offers fit together - then you need to start making decisions like future you: fast and decisive, confident, understands the value of mentorship and support, knows that it takes money to make money, and ultimately creates the life you always dreamed of, then it’s time to ask…

Is Current You holding you back? 

Growth is scary, but comfort can be even worse. 

What does Future You think about that statement?

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