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How to Find the Real Problem

business coach rehab rehab professional Dec 18, 2023

We do a lot of sales process dissection with our clients. Like rehab pros in the clinic, we’re always trying to diagnose the real problem that is causing us to miss potential opportunities, and there’s typically one common denominator we see.

The issue isn’t when they present the price (although it can be). It’s much earlier

In most cases, it occurs when they are trying to get the client to understand the depth of their problem - in a phase called, you guessed it, problem awareness.

Now you may think problem awareness is for YOU to understand the client’s problem, and that’s partially true, but in reality, it’s for the client to understand their current state and, once they do, to create urgency (real urgency, not manufactured like an “act now” discount”) so they move in a direction that gets them where they want to be. 

Here’s what most coaches and rehab pros do.

The client says: “my knee hurts when I run.”

The general PT responds with: “where do you feel that pain?” 

**And then they go down the investigative diagnostic path…

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this… it’s actually what we are taught in school as a process of differential diagnosis - different symptoms in different areas = different things… makes sense. 

But that’s a surface level, minimal buy-in needed, third-party payer mentality… because, in reality - the diagnosis matters more in this case for insurance justification. 

Well, here’s the secret in the cash pay realm, that matters a lot less, and emotional buy-in matters a lot more.

Here’s the secret we teach our clients to bring awareness to the REAL problem…

The client says: “my knee hurts when I run.”

We would ask: “Well, tell me, why is running important to you?”

The client says: “Honestly, it’s a bit of an escape for me… it’s how I clear my head, do my best thinking, and allows me to be a better person when I have that outlet”

We would ask: “And how long has this been going on for?”

The client says: “6-7 months…”

We would ask: “Now, with this going on for the last 7 months, and you not being able to access that outlet you mentioned… is that… having an impact on you?”

The client says: “Definitely… I notice I have less patience when I’m home with my kids... I feel like my head is foggy at work, and I’ve been struggling there as well…”

BOOM - now you have a deep, REAL problem. Forget the knee pain… the problem is the person doesn’t feel like their best self when they are parenting… their knee pain isn’t preventing them from running… it’s preventing them from PERFORMING in other arenas…

Do you see how it’s more than knee pain?

Getting to this level requires skills and a different level of evaluative questions that draw the true meaning. 

So if you feel like what you’re doing is keeping you surface level, preventing your clients from committing, then maybe it’s time for a change. 

Think you’re ready for that?

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