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How to Extract Value

business coach rehab professional Jan 16, 2024

The conversation around value is misunderstood… 

We are so concerned about figuring out what WE think makes our offer valuable that we never even actually ask the client what would be important to them.

Maybe you’ve experienced this before in your conversations… 

You’re trying to express value in your services, but you’re getting a deer in the headlights look or you can just FEEL like what you’re saying isn’t landing. 

I’ve written about understanding value in the past, but never really in this way, and I’m going to share one question that you can ask your clients to understand EXACTLY what they find valuable in the way they behave as a consumer, and that will draw them to buy from you.

So instead of guessing next time you’re in a sales conversation, you’ll know exactly what to ask.

Here’s the magic question:

“So let’s say we were able to help you reach your goal of getting back to lifting without low back pain, what would you actually be looking for from your guide in this experience, like what would be your ideal criteria?”

In this scenario, you want your prospective client to describe to you EXACTLY what would make this offer a homerun. They might say things like:

“1-1 support”

“Hands-on care”

“Access to you between sessions”

“A custom program/experience”

“A detailed plan to follow in my gym”

And whatever they say is exactly what you can tie the presentation of your offer back to. 

Once you understand this concept, you’ll be able to accelerate your closing rate and never have to guess about expressing value again. 

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