Hard Work Pays Off

business coach mindset rehab professional Jul 24, 2023

It might be cheesy, but you know it’s true. So many people out there want the outcome without the journey… It just doesn’t work that way. If you want the highs in business, you have to endure the lows. 

I’ve yet to meet a successful business owner who didn’t have some period of time where conditions were… less than ideal. 

But the consistency in speaking with all of them is the simple fact they came out of that down experience a better and more tactical entrepreneur. 

Like my client Tyler, who put in the reps, worked on his systems, and is now set up to consistently generate over $10k/month…and he’s just getting started. 

I remember speaking with my coach on a coaching call not too far back, I was in the middle of what had been my slowest month since my business started picking up steam, and his response “We often have the largest swings up after the dip down” - and damn was he right. The following month we almost DOUBLED in growth… It was crazy. 

Now the reason I share this is because, at that moment, I had doubts… doubts that many of you likely share at this very moment.

Maybe even the following thoughts:

“What if I fail?” 

“What will everyone think?”

“Why leave my safe job?”

“This is risky”

Well, I want to reposition those thoughts:

“What if you never try?”

“What if the opinions you’re concerned with have different perspectives on risk?”

“What are you sacrificing for safety?”

“What if the real risk was staying where you are?”

Hard work pays off... Are you ready to learn the skills and put in the reps?

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