Get your time back: Repositioning your offers to increase value

business coach rehab professional Jan 31, 2022

Time is the scarcest resource.  A phrase or topic you’ve likely heard. So now the age-old question…. How do you get it back?

For coaches and rehab professionals, time-based services are often a part of your offering. Now, before you scream that you don’t sell time, you sell value, ok… but you still express value with in-person offers, so indirectly… you sell time. AND THAT’S OK! If everyone perceives time as valuable, then why wouldn’t we include some portion of it in our service? Rhetorical, but I hope that provides some perspective.


Now, back to the task at hand… getting your time back. So, let’s say you’re a coach or rehab pro who sells training or treatment packages. Those sessions are cashed in at a physical facility to achieve a certain outcome. The next question we have to ask is what offering can mimic or replicate (to some degree) what you do in the gym or clinic?

Your sessions are essentially programming blocks built in real time. Shoot, maybe you even build them in a traditional 4–6-week training blocks… My point, you’re already doing the thing that can get your time back. Sell your programming service. Too often, rehab pros are GIVING this away as H.E.P… you, yes you. And coaches may not even be offering this or simply pitching it at too low of a cost to be worth the time trade.

Now that we understand:

1) Packages for personal training or treatment are already being sold

2) The way we can replicate our service in person is already part of our process (programming to some degree)

We can move to positioning the new offer.

(math gif)

For the sake of making the math easy, let’s say you sell a 12 pack of sessions for $100 (this isn’t my blanket recommendation, but if you’re interested in discussing this let’s chat) or a total of $1,200. And each session is 1 hour of time (at least that’s what you block out your schedule for). We have a rate of $100/hour serviced in 12 individual sessions (12 touch points). Not bad.

To reposition this offer and provide a mechanism to get our time back, we keep the package rate at $1200. Instead of servicing the deliverables as 12 individual 1-hour sessions, we pitch it as 6 sessions + 2 months of programming. I estimate that the program creation and management should take you about 1 hour per month (if this seems unreal for you… it’s not… You can get there, and I’m here to help), so that’s 2 programming service hours on this package.

New math:

6 in person service hours + 2 programming hours = 8 total hours. New rate = $150/hour and 4 hours of time back (priceless).

New value pitch:

With an average of 4.3 weeks in a month and 3 programming touchpoints per week = about 13 touch points just from programming + the number of sessions you deliver.

S2 months of programming = 26 touch points (2 months) and 6 sessions = 32 touch points. Almost 3x the perceived value to the client when pitched this way!

Here’s the pitch “Hey Mike, after conducting your assessment I’d like to blend a little bit of in-person work with a custom program that you would perform on your own and I would oversee, this would give us about 3x the touchpoints than if I just saw you in person (value proposition) and allow me to better monitor your progress, does that sound like something you’d be opposed to doing?”

Mike: “No! I love having more touch points for the same cost!” – See, it worked perfectly.

The hidden value also lies in the client having some scheduling freedom and if you’re a rehab pro writing programming, it might even kill two birds with one stone if they can combine it with their normal training.

Sometimes, it’s not about reinventing the wheel, but repositioning it. Want to discuss how we can create a programming process or reposition your current offering?

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