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From Hesitation to Success

business coach life mindset rehab Apr 09, 2024

I think hesitation toward the unknown is natural. Maybe it’s how we are conditioned, or maybe in some ways it’s protective. But ultimately, it can also be what holds us back. 

Learning how to push through this phase is tough but necessary if you’re looking for change

The first step in moving from hesitation to success is acknowledging it. Yep, you just have to look yourself in the mirror and call yourself out. Maybe it’s hesitation.,fear, uncertainty, doubt, or whatever you want to call it… Acknowledge it. Now you’re being real with yourself, GOOD!

Step 1 complete.

Now what if I told you that you were SUPPOSED to feel this way. 

“But wait, didn’t he just say we didn’t want to be hesitant?”

Sort of…

You feel this way because you care, because it’s scary because it’s important to you… because it’s out of your comfort zone… but who grows within their comfort zone? Nobody… 

We’re supposed to feel this way, step 2 complete.

Now that you understand this is exactly what you’re supposed to be feeling, it’s time to take action.

So now, you’re presented with the choice of step 3: 

  1. Continue with inaction and hesitation to remain right where you are.
  2. Shape that hesitation into massive action and bet on yourself.

Will you complete step 3 and push your boundaries of discomfort to achieve the growth you’re looking for?

Just remember, the choice is always yours.

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