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Creating Your Social Media Structure

business coach life rehab professional May 30, 2022

If there’s one thing I can drastically relate to all of my clients with, it’s the struggle of showing up on social media. What used to be a daunting task that felt like it took hours to complete one simple post, now takes minutes. Why, you ask? A simple social media weekly skeleton that I follow combined with content that makes posting have a low barrier to entry to hit “publish”. 

I too used to think, “but I don't have any high quality images”... then I got out of my own way. I just started posting text based content that in my opinion was packed with value for my audience. Now, I would be lying if it wasn’t a long journey to get to this point, but, if you check out one of my latest posts, ironically, consistency is key. 

To make this process simple, I’m going to break down how I structured my minimalist social media plan:

Step 1: determine frequency of posting - for me, 5 days a week is a sweet spot. It allows me to check out of the app over the weekend from a posting perspective. 

Step 2: create your posting skeleton for both your posts and stories and put them as a “task” or “reminder” in your google calendar. Here’s mine:

  • Monday - Post - Lessons learned in the gym / Story - Talk casually about offerings and how I can help my audience
  • Tuesday -  Post  - Tactics (personal/business/clients) this give me some flexibility, but generalizes my subject / Story - Tease my newsletter (since it comes out Wednesday)
  • Wednesday - Post - Navigating Client Scenarios / Story - Newsletter clip and share a scenario from that day that is relevant to my audience
  • Thursday - Post - Business or personal development and testimonial / Story - share testimonial to story (add it to highlight) 
  • Friday - Post - Something fun, typically a reel and a post / Story - Open forum Friday. A chance to hear my audience out and answer their questions (pro tip: sometimes you have to break the ice and start the party yourself)

Step 3: create a folder for each category above in your notes app or google drive app to jot down ideas. I make all of my notes within the subject folders a checklist so I can mark them as used when I create the post.

Step 4: know when you are the most creative for ideas. For me, it’s always during my workouts so I keep my phone accessible to brain dump as the ideas come up.

Step 5: create your post templates. I use a black square and a white tweet format. Low barrier to creation = high likelihood that I will post. You can get a million ideas for reels, you just have to be willing to put yourself out there!

Step 6: be authentic. All I mean here is speak from your experience. The less I practice, the better my content comes out because it’s exactly how I meant it. Yeah, I stumble from time to time…. But I promise, you will notice your mistakes more than your audience will. 

Step 7: go make a post plan. That’s right… Now you need to act. Take steps 1-6 and put them into action. 

Don’t let your motivation fade. You can do this, and if you need me, I’m here to help. Tag me when you post!!!!

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