Change Your Mindset, Change Your Opportunity

business crossfit life mindset rehab rehab professional Oct 10, 2022

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with thousands of coaches and rehab professionals looking to up their game in delivering results to their clients. But what’s the number one thing that holds them back from doing so… their mindset. When we look to evolve into a new authority, that requires shedding many of our old beliefs, all of the limiting ones at least. 

Here’s a few examples that you may have experienced yourself:

"That price is too expensive to charge"

"Client’s only want in-person work"

"My clients don’t see the value in what I do"

"I might fail if I go out on my own"

All of these CAN be true or false… It depends on what you believe. Many of the coaches and rehab professionals I speak with on discovery calls think they have a client acquisition problem. In reality, once we dive deeper into their business, they have: 

  1. A pitch problem (NOT a price problem)
  2. A process problem (meaning theirs isn’t clearly defined which leads to lack of client buy-in)

Here’s how you can quickly audit yourself to see if one of these two categories applies to you:

  •  If you are charging at or below your market rate and getting hit with price objections that you aren’t successfully navigating - Pitch problem
  • Can you clearly define and draw out or write down in sequence CLEARLY what your client will experience from Inquiry to Discharge - Process problem

The good thing is both of these can be resolved by changing the way you think about them. If you’re willing to experience a little discomfort and rearrange some order of operations in your business, you could start turning that “no” into a “yes”. Easier said than done, I know, but the first step to change is awareness. Consider this the awareness trigger you’ve been waiting for!

The easiest path to business growth is personal growth. It’s time to shift your mindset to that of abundance and watch the opportunities appear!

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