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Break Free from the Time Trap

business coach life mindset rehab rehab professional Aug 14, 2023

You might’ve heard me reference this before… the Time Trap… but what is it?

The Physical Therapy space (and personal training) share some interesting characteristics and beliefs of what makes them valuable - mainly, the in-person aspect. But with any value, there is a trade-off or a cost, and in this case, the cost is TIME

Many consider TIME our most precious resource, so the logic makes sense, yet we end up stuck, trapped to a physical location, tied to a schedule, reliant on volume to generate revenue, and reliant on MORE providers to scale the business…THIS is the Time Trap

We have overleveraged ourselves as a profession, getting caught up in “the way it’s always been done,” - and we’ve put ourselves in a proverbial prison for 8-10 hours per day - at least that’s what it felt like at times for me. *if you’re lucky, you can sneak away for an hour at lunch wooooo!

So how do we escape and break the norms that have been laid out since the beginning of our profession?

First, we need to understand that it’s OK to evolve. With the ever-growing implementation of technology, this is natural. We find ways to replicate results in a more efficient manner. Do we treat injuries the same way we did years ago? In many instances, NO… why? New technology, new evidence, new data - it’s a natural progression. Remember when a torn ACL was an immediate referral for surgery? Now, that is not necessarily the case… 

Secondly, and honestly the most simple… the way that we manage clients has changed. Less reliance on passive interventions - that required a physical setup and more reliance on exercise guidance and management - once the technical aspect is dialed in, this allows for a more independent and autonomous client management process… what every PT says they want, yet so many are resistant to leveraging a different process to ACTUALLY get this change. 

Lastly, PROOF! Every day, more and more clients are opting for atypical management processes. One that allows them to train in their own gym, have access to their provider when needed, and get results-driven workouts delivered directly to their phone… but the profession defaults to… you guessed it… in-person. 

So what’s your hesitation to change? 

What’s your hesitation to growth? 

What’s your hesitation to try something different that could break you free from the Time Trap?

Ready to break free?

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