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Are you setup for success?

business coach life mindset rehab professional Jan 09, 2024

Prior to the Holidays, there were naturally a lot of planning conversations that took place between myself, our team, and our clients. A new year is symbolic of change. Even though it might feel like another day, it marks a chance to start fresh and crush some goals - we’re humans, and we like to think of blocks of time like this. 

So how can you set yourself up for success as we enter the New Year?

Here’s the exact system we use so you can get the ball rolling.

I like to break my goals up into three categories: Financial, Professional, and Personal.


Let’s say your goal is to bring in $30,000 in a quarter this year. 

Well, like any other goal, we need to first assess where we are at, and then devise a plan on how we are going to get there. 

Breaking this down into a monthly goal of $10k would be the first natural step.

Then breaking down into a weekly goal ($10,000 / 4.3) = $2,325 per week

This means you need to service how many sessions per week (minus what you bring in from recurring revenue, let’s say that number is $2,000/month), which leaves you needing $8,000 in in-person revenue or around 13 visits per week (if you average $150/visit).

Now if you want to work 3-4 days, you know how many you need per day. This is all simple math. 

But where it gets more complicated is determined on how you acquire clients. So let’s say you know you can get 2 clients per workshop you do… Now you’ll know EXACTLY how many workshops you need to plan to achieve your new client goal to fill your schedule. 

I also hope this highlights the low volume needed per week using the Retention Programming Model to hit a $10k month ;)


What are the things you’d like to accomplish professionally this year? I would challenge you to think beyond JUST clinical development. 

Maybe you have a clinical goal (some sort of CEU or certification), but also, what will expand you Professionally outside of clinical knowledge?

Will you invest in your sales skills? Will you learn more about marketing?

Will you start your own business?

THIS will be the key to growth and can also play a big part in helping you hit your financial goals. 


A lot of us are conditioned to be high achievers, so financial and professional goals might be easy for you to come up with. 

But your personal goals are just, if not MORE important than the other two… simply because it's hard to pour from an empty cup. 

One of my biggest lessons from 2023 was moving at my pace, pulling back when my energy felt low, and ultimately, this allowed me to accomplish MORE… even though at times it felt like I was doing nothing at all. 

Maybe you want to hit a certain number of workouts per week?

Maybe you want to play more golf?

Maybe you want to go on more dates with your significant other?

Whatever it is, make this your priority as personal goals become the easiest to remove from the goal sheet because they don't have as much of a measurable or tangible outcome… but you’re meant to enjoy your life as well. 

So now that 2024 is here, it’s time to take charge. It’s time to grow, evolve, and change. 

It can be the year you regain control, it’ll be expensive to wait. 

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