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2023 Yearly Recap

business coach rehab professional Dec 26, 2023

2023 was a great year for many of our clients. A year of shattering limiting beliefs, reinventing businesses, leaving jobs for more freedom, and being able to spend more time doing the things they wanted to do. 


They took the chance and bet on themselves. A reframe on the perspective of risk which paid off. 

To wrap up the year, let’s recap some of their great achievements:

JS - Broke through the six-figure ceiling for the first time this year and it happened before December 1st as well! A solid year. 

BG - Hit their biggest quarter to date, grossing over $23k in the last 3 months of the year and settling into a new baseline of >$7k per month. A true commitment to trusting the process and leaning into developing the skills of sales.

TK - Had a $16.5K month in November - their largest month to date and around $12.5K per month INCREASE since committing to coaching in January this year. This was fueled by launching an in-person side to their existing online business.

TC - Launched their online business and is ready to rock for the upcoming year.

RP - Established over $2,000 in recurring revenue for their business and had a monthly total of revenue serviced of $45,000. 

JD - Launched their cash-based business and are networking their faces off by creating relationships with about 5 local gyms in their area who are already referring clients. This will set them up for a consistent pipeline of new business as they enter the new year.

JP - Broke $10k in October. This was an $8,500 INCREASE in monthly revenue since they began coaching!!!!

MS - Was able to leave their traditional PT job and launch their in-person practice to bring their monthly income to around $20k/month. 

ZW - Kept the wins rolling throughout the year. Successfully transitioning from a traditional PT director role to his own blended business servicing soccer players and jiu-jitsu athletes. 

KD - is set to break $100,000, working less than 15 hours per week and only 9 months of the year to spend the summer with their kids!

There are many more to add, but wouldn’t you want to add your name to this list next year?

To all of our clients who have trusted us to help them build the business of their dreams, we thank you. 

But most of all, we want you to thank yourself - for taking the risk, taking the chance, and doing what many won’t. 

Here’s to a wrapped-up ‘23, and looking forward to a successful ‘24.

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