Free Resources

 Interested in experiencing Dr. Ray's training first hand?
Enjoy some of our past webinars below.

Understanding Marketing!

Want to learn how to find and express your unique message?

Then give this 1 hour training a watch where we cover: Defining your message, finding your ideal client , debunking marketing myths, and strategies vs tactics. 

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Building a Programming Framework!

Don't let building a client program intimidate you anymore!

In this 1 hour training you'll learn how to reverse engineer a client's program and "think like a chemist" as you learn our programming framework.

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Digital Sustainability!

Getting online doesn't need to be complicated.

Watch this 1 hour training to learn exactly what you need to start attracting clients online! 

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 Sales Training!

Want a glimpse of what it's like to be coached by our crew?

This clip is from one of our weekly group coaching calls!

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 How to Handle Money Objection!

Tired of hearing "it's too expensive" or "I want to check with my insurance"?

Then carve out 30 minutes and give this training a watch.

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Mastering the Subjective Assessment!

Want to learn how to find out the REAL problem your client is experiencing?

Then give this 1 hour training a watch where we take you through our exact process so you can increase your chances of bringing on a new client.

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